Haulage company UK – what kind of services they offer?

What is the difference between FTL and LTL transport thet Haulage company UK offer? Are you a grocery distributor with a short use-by date, or maybe you are a wholesaler of office supplies? Are you wondering what types of deliveries are there in the country and abroad? Learn about the terms of FTL, i.e. full truckload transport and LTL – partial transport, also known as groupage transport. Read about the advantages of FTL transport and what LTL transport offers to choose the right type of delivery for the distributed goods.

What is FTL transport taht Haulage company UK offer? FTL (Full Truck Load) transport is intended for entrepreneurs who have to transport a large amount of goods. Large enough that the goods occupy the entire cargo area or most of it. FTL simplifies the logistics of the transport process, because the transported goods goes directly from the sender to the recipient. This simple scheme of operation makes FTL transport fast, as the supplier does not transport the goods of several customers of Haulage company UK, so its path is straightforward (it goes from point A to point B).

The lack of intermediate unloading points also means that the transported goods will not be damaged during additional reloading processes, because they go directly, e.g. from the port to the recipient’s warehouse. The speed of FTL transport makes it a perfect logistic solution for distributors of e.g. food products with a short shelf life, where a longer delivery may have a negative impact on the quality of the transported goods. FTL, Haulage company firm UK is also a solution for entrepreneurs who have to transport large loads of considerable weight. A customer choosing FTL transport pays for the entire cargo area.